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What will the Financial Back Office of Tomorrow Look Like?

Originally published 7/31/14 in WallStreet & Technology  One of the toughest jobs we face as a technology solutions provider is predicting future needs of the industry as it evolves and becomes more technologically sophisticated. At Confluence, we believe the fund industry back office of tomorrow will rely on a far greater degree of workflow automation […]

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Sun-Tzu and the Art of Business

I had always wanted to read Sun-Tzu’s The Art of War – a classic piece of literature that, until recently, had yet to percolate to the top of my reading list. Having now completed it, I wish I’d read it long ago for the valuable lessons it contains on business strategy. Certainly there are many […]

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The Decision: In-House vs. Outsourcing

Business and technology trends are constantly evolving around us and tend to influence the direction of large, complex decisions within an organization. In today’s environment of cost reduction, expense scrutiny, and lean/efficient processes, every organization must determine whether a particular function or service should be performed in-house or be outsourced to another vendor. Through my […]

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A Change in Perspective

One of my favorite stories is that of six blind men and an elephant – a parable wherein each man sought to understand what an elephant was by touch, and each man came away with a radically different interpretation based on what part of the elephant he happened to touch.  One man touches the elephant’s […]

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