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What the SEC Can Learn About Regulation from Transportation Technology

I recently read an article about computer-driven cars and, ever since, have been fascinated and borderline obsessed by the concept. On the streets of Pittsburgh just outside the doors of Confluence’s corporate headquarters there are Uber cars driving themselves as part of a test to advance this concept of self-driven cars. At some point in the […]

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Fund Automation: The Final Frontier

For years, the fund industry has been looking for ways to manage costs while continuing to provide competitive products to the increasingly complex marketplace. Ironically, we have done little to look in the mirror and realize how diametrically opposed those two concepts are. As traders continue to invent and then trade in new derivatives, and regulators subsequently […]

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It Turns Out You Can Have Your Regulatory Cake and Eat it Too

There are some well documented pros and cons to consider when making a choice between best-of-breed and fully integrated software solutions.  Best-of-breed software is easier to implement, custom fit to your purpose, and easier to update, but requires multiple vendor relationships, multiple stores of data, and multiple user interfaces to learn. Fully integrated solutions are […]

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More People, More Problems? The Trap of using Manpower over Automation

I recently returned from a sales meeting where the goal was to obtain additional insight into the current processes completed by this company’s back-office.  During our return flight, I recalled an article that I had first read almost a year to the day and that I regularly re-read as we continue to reinforce the need […]

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Thinking Mobile First

Are you reading this blog post on your phone or tablet?  If so, then you are still in the minority – but not for long.  According to an article I recently read, mobile share is about 25 percent, on average – and is rising fast.   So, I wasn’t surprised when I saw this article in […]

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New Cloud Features Reduce TCO While Improving User Experience

Over the past few weeks Microsoft announced two significant improvements to their cloud computing platform, Windows Azure, that lower the cost of running a software system while allowing for increased responsiveness during increased load.  These improvements are called “Per Minute Billing” and “Automatic Scaling”.  Companies who use Azure or solutions built on Azure will be […]

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