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Join us as we host a StatPro Composites and GIPS Breakfast Briefing where we will be discussing the update in more detail.With the planned update to the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®), to which more than 1,600 firms now subscribe to, it is important to know what changes will come 

and what impact they will have.

The goal of the GIPS® 20/20 update is twofold. The first is to consolidate the standards by compiling all the existing guidance into an expanded version of the GIPS® handbook. The other is to separate the standards into three pillars which can be viewed based on the type of relationship between the asset manager and the asset owner. In our new video series with Carl Bacon CIPM, Chairman of the GIPS® Executive Committee and StatPro Chairman, we discuss what the update entails and the reasoning behind it.

In part 1 of 5 in this video series, we ask "What is GIPS® 20/20 and why is it needed?"

Still looking for more information on GIPS® 20/20? Check out the rest of the series here or read another blog post by Carl Bacon on the subject here.

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