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Curiosity Did Not Kill the Cat and if it Did, There are 8 Lives to Go

Recently, while on a flight to Seattle for a new product feedback session with a client, I was engaged in a conversation with one of our senior marketing staff (virtually–don’t you love having Wi-Fi on planes now?) regarding an article posted by John H. Bell entitled How Vital is Curiosity in the Workforce?  Our discussion […]

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Using Agile Methods to Increase New Product Development

The software development industry is full of contradictions.  For an industry that is ever-present in both our personal and professional lives, it is amazing to think of the countless examples of its failure to deliver (Ricky Morton, 2006).  The well-known Standish Chaos Survey (The Standish Group) tells us that over two-thirds of IT projects fail to deliver […]

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Can Implementing Agile Product Management Practices REALLY Help You Deliver Good Products Faster?

As I’m writing this post, I’m in my hotel room in London after celebrating my daughter’s graduation from Cambridge this weekend.  Anyone who has tried to plan a graduation celebration from another country (I live in the U.S.), with a daughter who is stressed about her finals, can understand why my mind is on the […]

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A Love Hate Relationship with Spreadsheets

Another article was published recently about the proliferation of spreadsheet errors and the impact that has had on the validity of data analysis done through the use of spreadsheets. This got me thinking about the spreadsheet problem in the investment fund industry, specifically in the realm of expense processing.  When I started in the […]

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