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A Change in Perspective

One of my favorite stories is that of six blind men and an elephant – a parable wherein each man sought to understand what an elephant was by touch, and each man came away with a radically different interpretation based on what part of the elephant he happened to touch.  One man touches the elephant’s […]

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Curiosity Did Not Kill the Cat and if it Did, There are 8 Lives to Go

Recently, while on a flight to Seattle for a new product feedback session with a client, I was engaged in a conversation with one of our senior marketing staff (virtually–don’t you love having Wi-Fi on planes now?) regarding an article posted by John H. Bell entitled How Vital is Curiosity in the Workforce?  Our discussion […]

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Come Blog with Us

It seems like there is a blog for just about everything — personal blogs, business blogs, political blogs, sports blogs and “how to” blogs.  So, who needs one more blog?  Fund administrators, that’s who. For more than 20 years, our clients have turned to the Confluence team for much more than great fund administration software.  […]

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