A Battle Royal: Broker vs. Independent

The importance of 3rd Party Pricing Examined

The debate between referencing broker pricing or independent pricing has been raging among asset managers in recent years.

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CAP Gets Dirty – Pricing, That Is

Some of you may have seen the news late last week that StatPro has launched several new features as part of its Complex Asset Pricing (CAP) service.

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Credit Crunch – Round two?

By Justin Wheatley | Jul 01, 2010 | asset pricing, Opinion

The recent rise in house prices must be a false dawn and is likely to be followed by another crash

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Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight

By Mark Bramley | May 06, 2010 | asset pricing

I was intrigued by the Senate Investigations Subcommittee questioning of key Goldman Sachs Executives.

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W-Shaped Recovery - part 2

Read Justin's previous post A W-Shaped Recovery

I posted my thoughts on a weak, possibly W-shaped, recovery and its affect on asset managers only two weeks ago and it seems the news has suddenly gone all bad...

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A W-Shaped Recovery?

Ignoring the headlines in the popular press, many people in the asset management industry are worried that we may well get a W-shaped recovery, where having briefly recovered from the near-death experience of...

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Mark to Model or Mark to Myth?

Why valuations of credit instruments based on Mark to Model might be a really good idea

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