The importance of the Cloud during a pandemic

By Revolution | Jul 07, 2020 | cloud computing, self-service

Whether we are watching Netflix, asking Amazon Alexa for a weather update or checking our email through Office365, cloud computing has changed the way we consume and create information, and how we interact...

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Beyond https – Simple options to secure fintech web applications

We’ve all seen the little green bar on our web browsers and the padlock icon that tells us the site we are visiting is secure. Whilst this is a very useful and visual indicator that the website owners have...

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How to tell the difference between cloud native and cloud wrapped software

By Revolution | Jun 28, 2018 | cloud computing, technology, API

Cloud computing is changing the way we all consume and interact with technology. Whether this is at home with Netflix or Amazon Alexa, or at work, with cloud-based services like Office 365 or Salesforce, or...

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Beyond Compliance: Outlook for 2018

As we begin 2018, I am reminded of the remarkable evolution that has taken place in the fund servicing industry in the decade following the market downturn. It’s hard to imagine the pre-crisis era when...

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Shaping the Data: why the cloud works for smaller asset management firms

The benefits of combined performance and risk analytics are well documented, but until recently have been an impossible ambition.

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Doing more with less: why the cloud works for smaller asset management firms

Using risk and performance attribution data together to gain better visibility is no new thing - it has been on the agenda since before even the global financial crisis.

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New Insight: The case for combined performance and risk analytics

Technology is now available that makes it possible to combine multi-asset class performance and risk analytics into a single system.

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The Virtual Numbers Game: why the cloud can help boutique asset managers with batch processing

With trading volumes down on pre-crisis years, how is it that asset managers have ended up with huge increases in data and calculation requirements?

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Investment Management : “It's the technology, stupid”

By Revolution | Nov 24, 2014 | AIFMD, cloud computing, compliance

New assets come with new challenges

Assets under management are at an all-time
 high. In 2013 they stood at $68.7 trillion, which represents a 13% increase over the pre-crash peak in 2007. 

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Leveraging technology for performance management

Dr Ian Thompson, a recognized subject matter expert in investment performance analysis recently joined StatPro as Client Integration Director. We asked Ian to share his insights into the future of performance...

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