The Future is Cloudy for Hedge Funds – Which is Good News!

From Spotify to Amazon, and Google to Apple, we’ve all heard of the cloud - repeatedly. 

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5 things to look out for when investing in cloud & SaaS technology - Infographic

By Revolution | Oct 15, 2014 | cloud computing, SaaS, infographic

The adoption of cloud-based SaaS (Software As A Service) applications is growing. 

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Pure cloud SaaS Vs Cloudwash

By Revolution | May 23, 2014 | cloud computing, SaaS, technology

Five questions to help you spot the difference

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Stop, collaborate and listen…sharing performance data in a controlled way

Cloud usage within the enterprise is here to stay. Business users are recognizing and seeing the benefits of flexible applications that don’t require intensive IT management and care. 

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6 reasons why StatPro Seven clients are evaluating StatPro Revolution

As regulations force the need for transparency, clients are demanding more information faster.

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From Their Viewpoint

I’ve read many articles about why companies should move to the cloud. It’s true the benefits to the buyer are vast, but what about the client?

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Data in an iTunes age

It’s exciting that cloud technology, which is fuelling iTunes and managing everything I read, review and share with friends, is the same magic that’s enabling asset managers to serve their clients in my...

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The disruptive route: heading further into the cloud

The benefits on offer would have to be pretty substantial for any growing business to move away from a technology platform with an annual revenue stream of over £30 million.

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Cloud Computing For The Asset Management Industry

By Revolution | Oct 04, 2011 | cloud computing, technology

The consumer market has already seen a huge impact from cloud computing with web applications such as Facebook and photo sharing apps like

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Business Lesson 2

When we first faced the question of switching to Cloud technology from traditional technology, the biggest question was around the business model. 

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