Rule 22e-4 and the four buckets: What you need to know

The complex nature of modern derivatives, combined with the increasingly global and interconnected nature of the financial ecosystem, has led regulators to place a higher burden on fund managers to know...

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Beyond Compliance: Outlook for 2018

As we begin 2018, I am reminded of the remarkable evolution that has taken place in the fund servicing industry in the decade following the market downturn. It’s hard to imagine the pre-crisis era when...

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More Data and More Frequently Than Ever… Why Form N-PORT Oversight is a Must

So, here we are, at the beginning of 2018, with the awesome task ahead of getting ready for the start of the industry’s NPORT/NCEN era.

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Investment Management : “It's the technology, stupid”

By Revolution | Nov 24, 2014 | AIFMD, cloud computing, compliance

New assets come with new challenges

Assets under management are at an all-time
 high. In 2013 they stood at $68.7 trillion, which represents a 13% increase over the pre-crash peak in 2007. 

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How to perform better portfolio oversight

If you are responsible for portfolio oversight, whether you are an ACD or Board Director, it is absolutely critical to understand how the fund is structured, how the fund is performing, what the fund manager...

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Your questions on Governance and Compliance answered

Dario Cintioli, Product Director at StatPro talks to FTfm about governance and compliance in the recent economy, migration into the cloud and how this has changed over the years.

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Building a compliance culture in turbulent times

Executive summary

The Financial crisis has focused investment firms more than ever on the need to better monitor and manage risk.

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