Fixed Income Attribution – Where risk and performance really come together

For many years, investment management professionals have discussed risk and performance as being ‘two sides of the same coin’ and the convergence of the two functions within asset managers. Risk is managed...

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Solving today's fixed income attribution challenges

Calculating accurate performance attribution in the fixed income markets is a crucial element to success. Not only is fixed income attribution vital to inform, support and defend investment decisions, but...

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StatPro Revolution vs. Bernanke: Analysis of a North American Fixed Income Fund

By Revolution | Aug 22, 2013 | Fixed Income Attribution

The market activity in the fixed income sector has been very interesting over the past month. 

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StatPro Revolution Update - May 2013

Our latest release of StatPro Revolution includes some great functionality, additions and enhancements. 

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Helping fixed income managers achieve alpha

An interview with Dario Cintioli, Product Director, StatPro

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Newsletter: Summer 2012

Hear from industry experts, watch our product tour & learn about the cloud

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