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The front, middle, and back office aren't what they used to be

The start of a new year is always an exciting time to look ahead at what can be and to reflect on what has been. Sometimes we are compelled to look beyond the year coming up and instead reflect on more than...

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In Sync: why front and middle office collaboration is needed

Why front and middle office collaboration is what’s needed now.

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A proposed new report for investment advisors

StatPro is keen to ensure our reports are useful to all users.

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Why the Front Office Needs a Revolution

Join the StatPro Revolution

The front office is in need of a revolution. And those who don’t embrace change will lose competitive advantage, fast.

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StatPro's Integrated Product Strategy

The Integrated Product Strategy of StatPro offers a wide range of functionality to our clients. 

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Starting a Revolution

By Justin Wheatley | Mar 31, 2010 | front office

Today is the day StatPro launches the “Private Beta” of its new product StatPro Revolution.

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