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Are There Benefits to Being Compliant with the GIPS Standards?

Sep 28, 2017

As CFA Institute celebrates the 30th anniversary of performance standards, there is cause to celebrate that approximately 1,600 firms claim compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®)...

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Scalability in performance and risk analytics

Sep 21, 2017

Why the cloud is the answer to true ‘any analytics’ scalability.

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StatPro Workflow Issue Five: Q3 2017

Sep 14, 2017

Workflow: Key issues for the middle office in asset management firms today.

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Automation of performance measurement

Sep 07, 2017

How smart machines can benefit a middle office now – and a glimpse into an automated future.

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Can the cloud result in ‘API’ days?

Aug 17, 2017

How open APIs can bring cloud and legacy data together

Cloud technology offers huge advantage to all industries, and asset managers are no different.

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Getting ruthless with the costs

Aug 03, 2017

The true price of outdated IT in asset management

In an increasingly competitive market, can asset management companies be successful without investing in technology that is more cost effective? 

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Focus on the value, not the software

Jul 20, 2017

The cost of everything, and the value of nothing

The standard viewpoint of the middle office has been as a cost center. As a result, middle offices have often been overlooked and investment in technology has...

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The Art of Perfection: Convincing JP Morgan

May 18, 2017

“Just like the ideal employee, the right performance system will come ready equipped with a proven skill set and the ability to change according to the demands made on it over time.”

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The Art of Perfection: Creating the Perfect Brain

May 11, 2017

“Just like the BRAIN research, the middle office needs to pinpoint attribution or risk and be able to show how a series of events impacted the final performance figures.”

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The Development of Smart, Intelligent Platforms

May 04, 2017

"Many asset managers are also starting to take advantage of the development of smart technology solutions when it comes to performance measurement and analysis by their middle offices."

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