How to perform better portfolio oversight

If you are responsible for portfolio oversight, whether you are an ACD or Board Director, it is absolutely critical to understand how the fund is structured, how the fund is performing, what the fund manager...

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Portfolio oversight explained by industry experts

Recent high profile cases in the press are highlighting the lack of oversight of funds within the investment community. 

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Examining the Technology Options for Portfolio Oversight

(This article first appeared in Bobsguide

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In the interest of the investor – leveraging technology for portfolio oversight

The Financial Services Authority (FSA), specifically in the UK, although there are similar bodies in North America, Europe and Asia, have recently recognized that the relationship between those parties...

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Portfolio Oversight from StatPro - Infographic

Are you an ACD, Trustee, ManCo or Director? As an Asset Manager do you perform your own governance and oversight?

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From Their Viewpoint

I’ve read many articles about why companies should move to the cloud. It’s true the benefits to the buyer are vast, but what about the client?

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