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Risk takers and the tools to monitor them

At a recent event hosted by the CFA Society of Toronto, I had the pleasure to listen to Dr. John Coates, a former trader who now is a neuroscience researcher at Cambridge University in the UK. 

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StatPro Revolution Update – March 2013

We've made some great additions and enhancements to StatPro Revolution

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Looking at Market Risk

By Jimi Rajsombat | Mar 01, 2013 | risk measurement, VaR

A look at volatility and value at risk

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2011 – a look back at the revolutionary year

By Revolution | Jan 24, 2012 | attribution, VaR, Product Update

2011 was quite a year for StatPro Revolution.

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Liquidity Risk

Back in mid 2007, when the credit crisis first started to unleash its trail of wreckage, everyone was using risk models that focused on market risks.

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The Value of VaR

By Justin Wheatley | May 12, 2010 | risk measurement, VaR

The financial crisis has provoked a lot of naval gazing and blame in different proportions. One of the factors that got a lot of blame was "Value at Risk" or "VaR" for short.

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